Winifred Meeks

Winifred Meeks

Successful writer Anna James rents a remote farmhouse in England to begin work on the latest of a series of teen crime novels - The Emma Hart Mysteries. Initially, the setting seems perfect, but soon her idyll becomes unsettled by the presence of an unquiet spirit - that of the former lady of the house, Winifred Meeks. As Anna delves into her writing - while a deadline looms - she also determines to uncover the history of the property and with that, unwittingly move closer to a disturbing confrontation with the tragic figure that continues to hold sway within the walls of Seaview House.

Genre: Horror

Actor: Lara Belmont, Julie Abbott, John West

Director: Jason Figgis

Country: Ireland

Duration: 1h 28m min

Quality: HD

Release: 2021

IMDb: 4.1/10

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